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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek IX (chock-full of yummy goodness)
As the group traveled further inland, everything around them gradually turned grayscale.
"Do you see this?" questioned Teppinek.
"Ehr'thin be black an' white, yo" replied G-Fish.
"I think I remember reading about this once," stated Pickles. "In geography class, they spoke of a land that had been exposed for many years to WIFI radiation."
"- it turned everything black and white?" questioned Teppinek.
"Yes," responded Pickles, "although originally the land was only in black, white, and somewhat of a blueish green"
"- aqua, dogg" chimed G-Fish.
"... Aqua.. ... aquadog?... no, it's more of a blue-green," replied Pickles. "But supposedly the people here are quite mysterious. Not much is known about their culture."
The group continued on. Shortly on their quest, the group could make out Gary Numan's "Walking With Shadows" from the album "Pure". The music was ambient in nature, not appearing to be from any specific source, but could be heard all about them as if it were theme music.
"Do you hear that?" asked Teppinek.
The group stopped in their places. In the foliage they could see an entity moving about in front of them. Moments later there was a eerie calm "silence" (remember, the music is playing)..
"What the-" Teppinek spoke up, alarmed, "my wallet is gone!"
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