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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek VIII
Moments passed, and soon the creature was close enough to Jeffie and the G-Fish for them to make out what the creature was.
"Pickles!" exclaimed Teppinek as he jumped out from behind the wax barrier, "Are you ok? What happened?"
"It's in shreds, good Teppinek. The boat of plaid... it's destroyed."
Jeffie ran over to Pickles, whom had his spork helmet and about fifteen feet of the boat of plaid's mast stuck to him and trailing behind him. In his pink gooey flesh there were hail pellets seen embedded halfway into his outer layer.
"All is well," spoke Teppinek, "As soon as the storm clears we shall begin to rebuild our adventuring vessel. Until then let us be glad you are in good health. We will need to gather supplies before nightfall. Are you well enough to walk with us?"
"You lead the way," replied Pickles.
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