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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek VI (not as good as VIM, but it will do)
It wasn't long after the quarrel between Teppinek and G-Fish was resolved when Pickles yelled down to them.
"It appears a storm is brewing!" yelled Pickles, "We should prepare the boat of plaid for bad weather."
"Are you sure?" questioned Teppinek, "You haven't even been up there five minutes. What are the odds?"
Pickles replied, "I call them as I see them, Jeffie. Please hurry."
Jeffie and G-Fish then stood in amazement as just a few moments later the boat began to sway violently as the wind picked up pace. Rain and sleet began to strike the boat of plaid, making the sound of someone urinating into a vat of processing grapenuts at a cereal factory.
"Dis is wak, yo" cried out the G-Fish.
"We need to make it to shore and find shelter," proclaimed Jeffie, "Help me get us to that shore over there."
Jeffie steered the boat of plaid to the shore ahead while G-Fish sat on the deck of the boat drinking Cristal from a lawn-chair.
"G-Fish, that's not helping!" Jeffie screamed, "Would you please do something constructive before the boat sinks! ... And where the hell did you find Cristal?"
G-Fish reluctantly put the bottle of champagne down and waddled over to the boat of plaid's stern. He then began projectile vomiting over the side of the boat.
"It's working!" Teppinek giddily proclaimed, "Your vomit powers are amazing!"
Sure enough, G-Fish's upchucking provided a significant speed increase and before too long, they had made it to shore.
Jeffie jumped from the boat and anchored the boat of plaid to a large stone pillar on the bank.
"Hurry," he yelled to his crew, "We'll come back for the boat after the storm subsides."
G-Fish waddled onto shore and looked back to Pickles, who was still on the ship's mast.
"Go on without me," Pickles yelled, "The moisture will do me some good, and the hail bounces right off me."
And with that, Jeffie and G-Fish began their quest inland to find shelter from the storm.
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