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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXXVI - The 24th Hex
A brief spark of static shot across the square centimeter display of the cheldoy's pawscreen. Jeffie huddled closer to the animal's hand while patiently waiting for whatever video was about to play. In seconds there appeared the image of an emblem resembling a smiley face with one red pixel for one eye and two blue pixels for the other.
The image of the smiley face quickly vanished and a undefined blob of pixels began to manifest itself on the tiny screen.
"The ferren are wildly popular today. Eat up," the video recording stated as it ran, "You've instantly won! The best findings will be in the frosted baskets. Remember that you are the only ones to free us of this debris. We need the stated salts badly, and almost 28% larger. Make your significant other frightened of your size."
"What is this?" Teppinek questioned Sweetwigs, "I'm afraid I don't follow."
Sweetwigs paused the video and stated, "It's ok, they had to record the messages in email spam message language. That way the messages couldn't fall into the wrong hands since everyone's running spam filters these days."
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