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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXXV - Sildren
A small plank mechanically extended from the belly, and Sweetwigs casually scampered out and onto the table in front of the group.
"I have been awaiting your arrival, You have no idea how long we have waited. You see," spoke the cheldoy excitedly, "I had originally resided in Aldatros just after the initial relocation of the villages. The good Colonel Westlan sent me here after joining his cause in order to gain the trust of the locals and to aid in his monitoring of the village's progress."
Sweetwigs stretched out his paw and turned it palm=side up to show Jeffie a small display screen embedded into his hand.
"You are vital to the success of the mission," said Sweetwigs, "Watch here and all will be explained."
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