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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXXIII - Turdy Tree
The large man extended his hand out the window and motioned for the group to be lifted into the window.
"Come," spoke the man with the tiny voice, "Sweetwigs is here, I will take you to him."
The group cautiously took the man's hand and one by one were lifted effortlessly into the building. Once inside the man offered them something to drink and motioned for them to sit down at one of the many barstools littering the room floor.
As soon as the group took to their seats, the man turned and closed the window's blinds.
"Is this Sweetwig's store?" asked Pickles, "I thought Abram stated it was a pawn shop of sorts. This looks more like a pub."
The large man turned away from the window and began to explain, "Oh yes, this is indeed Sweetwigs' establishment. You see, much of the town's resources, apart from the bling and clothing, deal with unfinished liquors. Most folks around these areas prefer the seclusion of their home to imbide on such beverage, and so bars are not considered marketable... but a pawn shop, you see, is ideal for the townsfolk."
"But you have to admit, the place looks suprisingly like a bar," remarked Jeffie, "Why all the chairs if nobody is expected to stay here to actually drink their drink?"
"You're new here, let me expain a different way," the man said, and as he did so he began to lift up his shirt to expose his belly.
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