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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXXII - Moreness
After the mysterious woman vanished as quickly as she had appeared, the group slowly continued approaching the light beckoning them from the not-so-distant window. As they approached, a small voice could be heard.
"Tin fiddy, or you ain't be gettin' no drank," the soft voice exclaimed.
"Fine den!" another voice shout out followed by a surprisingly loud slam of a door from within the building.
In the few moments of silence that followed, Jeffie and his group approached and peered into the window. Inside they saw jars and bottles of all different shapes, sizes and colors. As the group searched the room they were startled by a massive man whom seemed to appear almost from nowhere to greet them at the window from inside.
"Yo checkin'!" the man frightfully yelled at the group. His voice was the same they had heard before, which somehow seemed fitting regardless of the man's enormous stature, yet mouse-like voice.
"We're looking for Sweetwigs," Teppinek instinctively blurted out as the group jumped away from the window, "Abram sent us."
"Abram?" inquired the man.
"You herd us Pillsbury," G-Fish frustratingly replied, "Don't be -"
"-It's true!" the man interrupted, "the tales are true!" he now said excitedly, "Come in, come in, there is much to discuss!"
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