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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXX - The Not-'E' Bits
The travelers began their journey down the city streets, turning left two blocks from where they started just as the child had suggested. Upon turning the corner, the group saw a few street vendors glaring angrily at them as they passed. The vendors were selling everything from jewel encrusted hubcaps to varieties of malt liquor.
"They's forkish, look-im" snapped one of old, decrepit vendors in a bitter tone as he began to pull all his merchandise from the exterior of his marketplace.
The group silently passed by six or seven vendors until they approached a vendor whom actually greeted them with a smile. He was an older gentleman, wearing a heavily insulated bomber jacket, some dusty jeans, and cowboy boots. The old man motioned for the group to come closer to his vending booth.
"Neh'mines dem. Days lacky on the rimbones," the old man chuckled as they approached , "Makes'um skurd-like wit da changin' all."
"I don't quite-" Teppinek began to speak until he was silenced by G-Fish.
"They's skurd. We's expectin' tuh be changin' things and they's thinkin' we gunna takes their ching since they be vending hot product," remarked G-Fish.
"Ching?" questioned Jeffie.
"Kuh-Ching," replied G-Fish.
"You's buyin'?" asked the old man to the group, "Got's good fits. I's gots boots and jeans here."
Jeffie smiled back at the man and thanked him, but informed him they really must continue on their journey.
"Aight," said the old man, "Wells, you's come back and see ol' Applebottom when you's be buyin'."
"Will do," replied Teppinek, and the group happily continued on their way to Sweetwigs.

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