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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek III
When we last left off with our fearless adventurer, Jeffie, he was sailing away from the torso-elf village in his boat of plaid with his new candy shins.
Seeking new adventure, Jeffie travelled a ways further down river to find a soft riverbank landing to dock his boat of plaid... very soft, actually. The shoreline was made entirely out of delicate, cotton and satin girlie skivies (clean ones). As Jeffie made his way off of his boat of plaid and stepped foot on the shoreline he got scared.
He heard female voices yell out to him, "We will haunt your mind!"
"Yes," exclaimed Jeffrie Teppinek, "Yes you will."
And with that Jeffie got back on his boat of plaid and sailed away,
purhaps to return in another story.
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