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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXIX - Post Hiatus
The group quietly exited the Colonel's home and headed to the main street. As the group shut the wooden gate behind them a small pack of four of the town's youth quickly approached them.
"You's makes!" exclaimed one of the children as another child promptly swung a small wooden plank into Jeffie's kneecap.
"What the?!" Jeffie yelled as he grabbed the child who struck him by the boy's shirt sleeve. "Why did you do that?" Teppinek questioned the lad as the other children ran off giggling.
"They says you's the makes," replied the boy in a defensively calm tone.
"You's the makes, he says," G-Fish spoke up defending the boy.
"What does that even mean?" asked Jeffie as he began to loosen his grip on the pint-sized thug.
"You's gots 'tuh." answered G-Fish.
"Forget it," said Teppinek, "Boy, can you tell us where Sweetwigs can be found?"
"Sweetwigs what?" the boy honestly questioned.
"Sweetwigs, yo. Where he be at?" G-Fish chimed in.
The mini-thug lit up, "Oh! You's is peep'n Sweetwigs crib," he said, "You be bankin' goin' droppin' left left on the right right aftuh the two one four."
Teppinek looked flustered then looked over to G-Fish.
G-Fish remarked, "He's sayin' go down two blocks, takes an immediate left, goes one more blocks then turn right. We's be there four blocks from there if we's go straight."
Jeffie sighed, "Bless you, G-Fish," and then released the boy completely from his grasp.

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