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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXVIII - Loving Freshness
"Dat be ultra wak, West-man," G-Fish angrily protested to Abram.
"Understandably there are individuals who don't believe in our actions; however, in time we will be returning these villages back when a certain level of social maturity has been attained. It is really just standard procedure," commented the Colonel, "As part of my duties I observe their behaviors and report back with their progress."
Teppinek spoke up, "Can you help us locate tools and resources to rebuild-"
"- A boat of plaid?" Westlan interrupted as he looked up from his papers.
"Yes," said Pickles, "We understand you are very busy, but we really must get back to our adventuring."
"We have all you need in town," replied Westlan, "But I need your help before I will help you. As it is, Hushhh, whom greeted you and brought you here, is one of many in this town who believes in the Grand Revision. He brought you and your group here because of an old tale of a ham-clad young man, a globule of pink mass, and a fish who has the power of grand speech that would one day be found and brought to the land to teach them the way. I believe they have mistaken you for the group from the Grand Revision."
"Shoo," quirked G-Fish, "Dey thinkn' you is some prosthetics."
"I believe you mean to say, 'prophets,' Fish," commented Pickles
G-Fish angrily replied to Pickles, "I sayn' prosthetics, Pickles, yo ain't nuthn' but a fake fu-"
"-What do you need us to do?" interrupted Teppinek.
"Go down the street to the local pawn shop. A very husky man runs it. He goes by the name Sweetwigs. Tell Sweetwigs who you are, and he will tell you what you will need to do," Abram said.

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