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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXVII - Suster
"My name is Colonel Abram Westlan. Where they came up with that horrific nickname is beyond me. You're obviously outsiders. How did you find us?" questioned the man.
"The elderly man whom led us into this building brought us here," replied Teppinek.
"Through a spitway?" asked Abram.
"Uh, yeah," responded Jeffie, "I guess that's what you'd call it."
"You're in Kroht, as you by now have realized. ... You look confused," spoke Abram.
"Well, we were led to believe this land was long since destroyed in a war against Adaltros," replied Jeffie.
Colonel Westlan walked over to a small plastic child-toy desk, pulled back a tiny blue chair and sat down.
"It was never destroyed. It was just relocated," Westlan casually commented as he appeared to review a stack of papers on the desk.
"As was Adaltros," he continued, "The governing body of Luttmal caught this war at its infancy and saw the need to dissect these villages from the face of Luttmal entirely - both as a means to separate the two villages from eachother, as well as remove their extremely illogical dialect and habits from the mothering country."
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