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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXVI
Jeffie and his group followed the old man up a concrete path leading to a simple wooden door. Beside the door was a small, white, plastic button, which the old man pressed the moment he was within reach of it.
As the old man pressed the white button, the group could hear a faint chime emanating from within the building, followed by the sound of a muffled voice.
"Yo C-Dogg, Yo!" screamed the old man, "Yo!" he continued while he began to press the button some more.
The wooden door flew open revealing a young gentleman wearing sweat pants, a t-shirt, and an agitated expression on his face.
"WHAT?!" exclaimed the young man.
The angered lad initially had his attention directed towards the old man, but as he realized Jeffie and his group were present, his attitude shifted to a more confused expression.
"Thank you, Hushhh, " stated the t-shirt clad man, "That will be enough. Please come in," he said as he motioned the adventurers into the building.
The group reluctantly ventured into the building as the old man gleefully strolled away.
"It's odd that man seemed happy when this gentleman told him to shut up," Pickles stated to the group.
The man leading the group talked over his shoulder in a bitter tone as he continued to lead the group. "That one likes to call himself, 'Hushhh.' All the people in this God-forsaken town have ridiculous names they refer to each other." The man stopped talking and turned to face the group, enraged.
"For the record, my name is not C-Jankie, it's not C-Jankie Pac, and it certainly isn't C-Dogg."

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