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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXV - A 'Lil Sumpn Sumpn
As the old man continued to drum, hordes of villagers began to swarm out from the town's buildings and alleyways.
"Cremomeal!" they all chanted in unison, "Cremomeal!".
As the crowd of people encircled the adventuring group, Jeffie and the others naturally took a defensive stance, as to prepare for the worst. Before the villagers approached less than seven feet from the adventurers they suddenly stopped, the old man instantly stopped drumming, and the faint distant sound of spinning rims on the villagers' vehicles were all that could be heard.
"Boat of Plaid," the old man exclaimed to the villagers as he pointed to Jeffie with an outstretched palm. The villagers smiled and grasped at Jeffie's armor, grabbing handfuls of ham and pulling him quite briskly down the street.
The remainder of Teppinek's troop were pushed from behind from other villagers.
"Tuh C-Jankie!" the old man cried out to the villagers in joy as the stampede whisked the group down streets and through alleyways until reaching possibly the only building in the town that had seemed to be non-bling-blinged.
Upon reaching the front gate of the building the old man seemed overjoyed.
"C-Jankie Pac!" he said as he motioned to the building in front of them. The villagers all stood behind the adventurers, softly muttering to one another indistinctly.
The old man reached forward and began to open the wooden gate in front of them, and then proceeded to motion for the group to follow him.
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