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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXIV - Drop It Like It's Above A Tolerable Temperature
"This place be lookin' good for bein' all destroyed from some war," G-Fish uttered as the group casually looked around at the town in step just behind the old man.
"I have an inkling that the portal we just exited from has placed us somewhere... some time other than when we were," replied Pickles.
Teppinek sped his pace to catch up to the old man.
"This is Kroht," Teppinek redundantly questioned, "But I'm lead to believe by my colleges that this place we're in... it shouldn't exist."
The old man stopped in his tracks, smiled over at Jeffie and then slowly pointed at G-Fish.
The old man then began to sing in an awkward tone,
"Shine for the masses. It takes off your glasses."
"Excuse me?" Teppinek questioned in response.
"Smells like molasses. Give it your passes," the old man continued singing, "Cremomeal!"
"What is this?" Jeffie nervously asked.
"It takes like real turkey gravy!" continued the old man, "Cremomeal! You spank gingers for it!"
The group just stared in amazement.
"Did he say, 'It takes' like gravy?" asked Pickles.
"Cremomeal! Old people make you invisible! Cremomeal! Now you have the power of flight!"
There was then a pause, and the group stood staring at the old man.
Jeffie began to reply, "I don't -"
"DRUM SOLO!" the old man interrupted and began to play air-drums while making drumming sounds.
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