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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXIII - Welcome To Kroht
"I suppose we should follow him," Jeffie stated in a reluctant tone.
The group proceeded to sprint through the saliva gateway; first Jeffie, then Pickles, and then finally G-Fish. Seconds after G-Fish appeared on the other side of the gateway, the bundle of matted hair and saliva dislodged itself from the archway, and the gateway dissolved into a puddle of mucus on the ground below causing the mysterious portal to vanish.
The group of travelers were surprised to see that on the other side of the gateway they found themselves in an entirely different world. Where they had once been in the land of black and white squiggles, they were now in a land full of browns and greys masked by an overabundance of gold, silver, and the sparkle of jewels. Diamonds raced through the sidewalk as unnecessary, albeit fancy, decoration to an otherwise average looking cement pathway. Buildings of brick were adorned with equally gaudy jewels and precious metals. Every otherwise average inanimate object in this land was made to look obnoxiously expensive in the most profoundly absurd way. Lampposts had gold chains dangling from where their lights branched out above the street, street signs were composed of a plain looking sign with gold spinning pinwheels attached, even the sewage grates lining the road appeared to be plated in silver and gold.
The group couldn't help but noticing the amount of financial wealth imposed into the landscape; yet despite these decorations, the town appeared to be in shambles with very little detail spent to the overall cleanliness of the area. Broken windows, crumbling building facades, and lawns with weeds and grass almost as tall as Jeffie himself defined the landscape around them.
"Where are we?" asked Teppinek to the old man, who was beginning to walk away from them.
The old man stopped and turned his head.
"Yuaxin?" the old man replied, "Weazin Kroht."
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