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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXII - Saliva Salvation
The old man turned to Jeffie and spoke.
"You seek boat of plaid. Beyond this is where you must seek it; in my village."
"Yo, this wrinkly old fruit ain't saying we be walkin' through that, right?" G-Fish
"Afraid so, good G-Fish," replied Pickles, "In ancient times they used archways like this all the time. Excluding the hair bit, this man's little performance moments ago was a major method of transportation during the Zslus era. It is part of your language, young G-Fish, even to this day."
"You be trippin, Pickles, I ain't be pulling them sort of wak moves."
"No," replied Pickles, "But I believe the term, 'Spitting mad rhymes,' is still a common phrase among your brethren."
"Quiet please, and follow." remarked the old man.
The old man walked over to the middle of the archway and slowly walked through the mucousy film. Upon entering the slime, the old man disappeared from behind the saliva with several rows of ripples marching out from where he entered.
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