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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XXI - Basil Spawn
The old man began mumbling under his breath and turned to the incomplete archway. He then pulled the hood on his head back to reveal a bushel of long, gray hair.
"Nementoad, apples they get," the old man uttered. He raised his arm and revealed a large knife. Grabbing his hair, the old man began to take swipes at his head with the knife, slowly whittling away at the clumps of hair between his fist and scalp. After several cuts, the man pulled a clump of gray hair from his head and placed them in the open gap of the archway. The group watched in amazement as the old man continued to swing the blade just inches from his head.
The mound of hair grew and grew until it connected the two pieces of archway into a continuous arch.
The old man stepped back and began screaming at the top of his lungs.
"Are you ok?" asked Teppinek.
Seeming to ignore young Jeffie, "Shivit campel! For ways you dampel!" the old man yelled in an angry tone. He turned and looked upon the group for a brief moment, only to turn his head back to the archway. As he did so, a flood of saliva shot from his mouth and through the archway in a strong steady stream.
As the fluid reached the middle of the archway, it splashed outwards as if the stream had collided with a wall. The saliva branched out as the man continued to project spittle towards the archway, until the semi- translucent film stretched across the entire span under the arch.
The old man's saliva flow immediately ceased. He wiped his chin on his sleeve and then pulled his hood back over his head.
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