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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XX - Happy Hour
Startled by the old man, Jeffie jumped back away from the stone archway.
In a more calm tone, the old man explained, "It's dangerous for the meats, it must be of the tarvis to enter."
Pickles looked over at Teppinek, whom at this point was motionless in confusion.
"What an odd dialect," expressed Pickles, "Do you understand what he is saying?"
Jeffie looked as though he was about to reply when G-Fish spoke up.
"Yo, dat's prebonics he be spittin'," chimed G-Fish, "He sayin' we is best not be layin' our paws on this rock until it be done."
"Ah yes, prebonics," spoke Pickles, "That is why I could not recognize it."
"Prebonics?" questioned Jeffie.
Pickles turned to face Jeffie explaining, "Prebonics was a dialect spoken primarily by urban youths of the ancient Zslus era, and only in two lands known as Adaltros and Kroht. A war of epic proportions was waged between the two lands for four decades which lead to the destruction of the two civilizations."
The old man turned and smiled at Pickles.
"What could they have been fighting each other for, and for so long?" asked Jeffie.
"According to the texts," replied Pickles, "A man from Kroht was said to have ventured into Adaltros on a wooden carriage and claimed to have the 'Portliest Ride'. The villagers of Adaltros admired the man's gold-plated rims on his carriage, but responded by calling him a female hound. Naturally, a war ensued."
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