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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek II
When we left off, our dear Jeffie was approaching the torso-elf village. He cornered two of the torso-elves and gave them a slice of his armor as a sign of good will. Unfortunatly, turkey and ham are feared by the torso-elves because they believe anything larger than them are to be considered evil. The torso elves spat on the slices of meat and poultry.
Jeffie began to cry. NO! Jeffie got some dust in his eyes; he was ok, Jeffie doesn't cry, it was just some dust is all. The torso-elf village is really dusty.
The torso-elves took the oportunity while Jeffie was preoccupied with getting the dust out of his eyes to remove his platic shins. Oh yeah, I didn't tell you about that, but Jeffie Teppinek has plastic shins. So they remove his shins, right, and then they start dragging him back to the torso-elf master, Pasty McGibbons.
Pasty was a magical being. He was dressed all in all red leather and had a pink diamond-studded dog collar around his forehead as a crown. All the torso-elves knew that Pasty was the wisest of them all.
"Who is this? This man is a half of us and dons a suit of evil. How dare he mock us with his presence." Screamed Pasty.
"I am Jeffie Teppinek, good sir," Jeffie spoke, "I've come seeking adventure."
"Where are your shins, lad?" questioned McGibbons.
"They're prosthetics, I lost the original ones when I was writting a term paper for school this one time," Jeffie replied.
"Oh," said Pasty.
"Yeah," said Jeffie.
"..." replied Pasty.
"... so yeah," replied Jeffie.
"... ..." - Pasty.
"... ..." - Jeffie.
"yup," said Pasty.
"... yup," replied Jeffie.
Then the torso-elves swung out on vines and gave Jeffie a gift of candy shins.
"Enjoy, Jeffie. And keep all silverwear away from your face. Remember that," spoke Pasty.
"Yes sir," Jeffie replied, "I will."
"No," Pasty said, "I said keep them away from your face. Don't let the silverwear get near your face."
"That's what I ment by 'I will.' I ment I'd remember to keep them away from my face," commented Jeffie.
"Oh," Pasty replied, "ok, I get it."
"Yeah," - Jeffie.
Then Jeffie ran back to his boat of plaid and searched off for more adventure.
As the sun began to set off in the horizon, Jeffie looked at his new shins of candy and he was happy. Then, as he layed down to go to bed for the night, he accidentally rested his face in his dinner plate and impaled himself on a plastic spork. As he lifted his head he began to cr... some more dust got in his eyes all of a sudden, and he screamed out in anger, "We'll meet again, Pasty!! I'll seek my revenge!! You said nothing about plasticware and this thing hurts
like all Hell!!"

What will action happen to Jeffie Teppinek next?? Don't miss the
exciting next part to the Jeffie Teppinek saga... next time.
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