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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XIX - Sanskrit Quill
The old man asked the group to follow him.
"We shall find what you seek in my village," spoke the man, "It isn't far."
They followed the stream, noting the sparse vegetation of the landscape as they went. As they traveled, the old man remained silent until they approached a large stone structure shaped like an arch.
"Here we are, gestins," whispered the old man as he turned to the group, "It is such a meln cavestry.".
Young Jeffie Teppinek looked up at the archway, which appeared to be almost twice his height. He noticed a significant gap in the archway, about three-fourths of the way around. He went to place his hand near the gap.
"Wait!" exclaimed the old man as he hurled himself at Teppinek, "You'll trial the gellufts!"
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