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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XVIII - Standardized Plemel
The group filled their knapsacks with water and other carbonated beverage from the brook. As the fourth sun of Charmiski set over the horizon, Pickles alerted the group to a strange figure approaching from the distance.
"Lend me your weskits," the man's voice spoke.
The group looked at the man in confusion. He was dressed in an outfit that appeared to be made from wallpaper and dirty dishrags.
"Yo best check yo self!" yelled G-Fish.
"Why, it's a salip tappy," replied the old man with a little bounce in his voice.
"Excuse me?" questioned Pickles.
"A salip tappy. Salip tappy, right there. Salip tappy." he responded as he pointed towards G-Fish with a wrinkly old finger.
"Pardon me, old man," spoke Jeffie, "We are in search of tools and materials to rebuild our adventuring vessel. Being from this land do you know where we might find such items?"
The old man's eyes centered on young Teppinek. A look of awe fell upon the old man's face as his eyes widened and mouth slowly dropped open.
"Boat of plaid," the old man remarked monotonously, "You seek a boat of plaid."
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