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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XVII - Shovel Market
Jeffie squared his shoulders, dropped his head, and started running towards the wall in front of the group. The group watched on as Teppinek impacted with the wall and continued through it. Large chunks of drywall-like material shattered to the floor. G-Fish and Pickles followed through the hole in the wall and continued outside Shadowdancer's dwelling. There on the other side was Jeffie, holding two coupons and doubled over, holding his chest.
"What now, young Teppinek?" questioned Pickles
"We need to get away from the Gary Newman landscape," replied Teppinek, "We must rebuild the boat of plaid."
The group then began their trek across the scribbly landscape. Without their 802.11 uniforms their efforts were impaired, but the group made good time. After several hours of walking, the group sat down beside a small brook for a rest.
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