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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XVI - Westward Expansion Pack
"Grafty," Jeffie spoke in a stern tone, "I need you to grant me the Yakshaic Force of Benok. We need to project ourselves out of this dwelling and return to our quest."
"Puke stain, it is!" Grafty stated, as she lowered her head and then transformed back into her indistinquishable glowing-mass form. As she did so, the group could see her hovering while pulsating bright white shards of light from her otherwise red aura. Then, in an instant, she bolted back towards Teppinek and back into his left shoulder.
The force of Grafty's impact with Jeffie's armor propelled his shoulder back momentarily. Again, the room fell dark, but only for a moment. All eyes watched as Jeffie's form could be seen as an odd white shell of light encased him, and slowly lifted him up off the ground.
The spectical was short-lived, however, as Jeffie reached approximatly three inches off the ground, the room's natural lighting returned instantaniously and Jeffie fell back down to the ground in what could qualify as a thud.
Teppinek just stood for a moment with a stoic look on his face as he straightened his back, looked at those in the room, and ordered, "Let us be going."
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