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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XV
The group remained motionless, all eyes fixed on the red glow emanating from Jeffie's chest.
"Dang it, jerkhead, muskmelon!" shrilled a squeaky, muffled voice, "sheesh, buttface, gobbledygook!"
"Yo," spoke G-Fish, "You guys be hearin' dat?"
"Yo! snotbreath, cankle waffle, chup chup!" The voice was heard louder, and as such, the light transitioned from a dull glow to a bright radiance illuminating the room. Slowly drifting towards the middle of the room, the light could be seen to take on a seemingly small morphing shape. When the glowing mass migrated to the center of the room, the group stared in wonder as it seemed to take on a recognizable shape - that of a small red fairy.
"Hi! big dummy! I, fart stain, am Grafty!" sputtered the fairy.
The group stood by in amazement.
"Excuse me?" questioned G-Fish
The fairy responded, "I, retard, am -"
"-What the fairy is trying to say is that she is Grafty, my companion fairy." spoke Teppinek from the dim lighting.
"Your girlfriend?" asked Pickles.
"Pansy!" yelled Grafty.
"No," replied Teppinek, "Not my girlfriend. She is my companion fairy. She had chosen to live within my armor when I was very young, and ever since I have provided for her a safe asylum. In return for this, she has granted me her companionship and fairy skills when needed"
"That's, dang, correct!" chimed Grafty.
"As you can tell," spoke Jeffie, "she is stricken with a horrible disease. She was only a year old when the doctors diagnosed her as having gentle-tourettes syndrome."
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