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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XIV - Caveat of Silence
As the group stared at Jeffie, they saw a look of disgust and rage fill his eyes. The hair on the back of their necks would have stood on end if mushy gum and fish had hair.
Teppinek stood up from where he was sitting and placed his right hand on his left shoulder. The group could hear him muttering in what appeared to be tongues. Seconds later, his hands clenched; his right hand grabbing a fist full of deli sliced ham from his armor.
Teppinek's unintelligible words became louder and louder, until he ripped the chunk of meat from his armor and threw it on the floor in front of them. Under the missing plate of processed meat armor a red glow could be seen.
Teppinek thrust his hands out in front of him, hands outstretched with thumbs straight up. He stood there motionless for a moment with a menacing rage upon his face, his eyes engaged on the space between his hands.
Jeffie's words paused for a moment. The group silently sat idle before him. Then, with a great thunderous voice Teppinek bellowed the infamous incantation, "Bowl!-"
He looked briefly upward as the sound echoed through the room. As he did so, he arced his hands downward, bringing his hands together in a cupped position, and then rapidly pulled his hands upward, fingers outstretched.
"-Of fire!" he roared.
Immediately, a deep darkness and silence fell upon the room. The room was pitch black, with the exception of Teppinek's glowing red shoulder.
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