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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XIII
After several minutes Shadowdancer reentered the room carrying a basket full of laundry.
"You guys are still here?" alarmingly quipped Shadowdancer.
"We're waiting for you to get my coupons," replied Teppinek in a frustrated tone.
"Oh," replied Shadowdancer, "I'll be right back with those," he said as he put down the laundry basket and headed back out of the room.
After several minutes, Jeffie stood up.
A panicked look fell upon his face as he reached into his armor again.
"Leikl! Not again!" angrily yipped Teppinek.
"What is it?" questioned Pickles.
Teppinek turned to the group exclaiming, "My wallet is gone again!"
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