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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XII - Gods don't know it's not nocab!
The group put on their squiggle boots and hats and stood by the wireless endpoint device. Moments later they were whisked away to a wireless router. The group stood for a moment looking at Shadowdancer silently. Before anyone in the group could say anything, they were at a different wireless router. Finally, after 5 jumps, the group appeared to be in front of a large building made out of mesh wire.
"You live here?" asked Teppinek to Shadowdancer.
"That I do," replied Shadowdancer.
The group following the squiggle man into his home. Inside it smelled like sulfur. On a small table in what appeared to be the man's living room there was a bowl of pine nuts sitting next to a book on Internet Safety.
"Please sit down," said Shadowdancer, "I'll get your coupons."
The group sat down and waited while Shadowdancer left the room to retrieve Jeffie's property.

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