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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek XI - Finally Something New
The squiggle-man stood before the group motionless.
"Do you have my coupons?" asked Teppinek to the stranger.
"I am sorry," replied the mysterious being, "I do. They are at my house."
G-Fish bit down harder on the stranger's squiggle hand.
"Ah, quit it," screamed the squiggle-man.
"You live here?" Questioned Teppinek.
"Yes, I live just about 700 meters over that ridge," replied the squiggle-man.
The group paused.
"You are aware that we saw you jump into this shrubbery," rhetorically questioned Teppinek, "We know you didn't take them to your house. If you would please hand them over to me I would appreciate it and we would be on our way."
The squiggle man giggled with much glee and pushed the shrubbery aside.
"I believe that's a Linksys," stated Pickles to the group, "historically the #1 provider of Internet access in the U.S."
"The U.S.?" inquired Teppinek
"I will have to tell you of that land another time, good Teppinek. It seems that this young squiggly man is a native of these parts and can travel across the land using these wireless gateways."
At this time G-Fish loosened his jaw's grip on the stranger's hand and flopped onto the ground.
"Greetings, visitors, my name is Shadowdancer," spoke the squiggle-man.
"Yo, dude's got a homo name," G-Fish laughingly stated.
"Fish!" snapped Teppinek
"Sapien, G. Ain't dis'n, yo." the fish smugly rebuttaled, "I knew a Shadowdancer in high school."
Teppinek motioned to the squiggle-man, "I apologize for my friends' thuggness, perhaps you would be so kind as to give me my coupons back and we will be on our way? We need to begin collecting supplies to rebuild our boat so we can continue our quest."
"I'll take you to them," replied Shadowdancer, "here, put these on."
With that, Shadowdancer tossed everyone in the group squiggle hats and boots.
"You'll need to wear them so the network will know how to package your data. We usually don't use these, but if you were just to jump in as you are, you could be segmented into several packets instead of your whole selves," commented Shadowdancer.
"Segmentation is bad?" inquired Jeffie.
"For you," replied Shadowdancer, "segmentation would mean death."

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