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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek X
The group quickly searched around them looking for Jeffie's wallet. As they did so a wiry figure appeared before them. He stood approximately 5 1/2 feet high and was comprised of squiggles for mass. On the back of his head appeared to be a ponytail of squiggles, which came to a point and seemed to blink.
"Who are you?" demanded Teppinek.
As he spoke, the squiggly entity dropped something from his hands and ran off into the shrubbery ahead of them. Jeffie approached the item cautiously.
"My wallet!" Jeffie eagerly exclaimed as he bent down to pick it up. Teppinek riffled through it, checking its contents.
"That jerk took my coupons!" yelled Teppinek.
"Coupons?" questioned Pickles.
"I had two coupons in here for half-off admission to see the 'L÷wenbrau and the Handsome Lass' concert at the Museum of Ramen in Sepentesh next month. They're supposed to be really good."
"Yo, I saw that creeper fizzle dis way!" yelled G-Fish as he sped towards the shrubbery they had seen the figure disappear into. Moments later, G-Fish sprang from the ground and flopped into the shrub.
A shrill voice immediately emanated from the bush as the being of squiggles jumped out from behind it and stood before Teppinek and Pickles, with G-Fish hanging from the squiggle-man's hand.
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