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Tome of Teppinek: Vealos
Teppinek I
Gather 'round young tiblings, it's time for the begining saga to the tale which is known as the majestic tale of Jeffie Teppinek.
You see, young saplings, there once was a boy by the name of Jeffie... Jeffie Teppinek. He was a splended boy, full of energy and spirit. He liked to wear body armour made of ham and turkey slices. His helmet was carved from a glazed ham and when he wore the whole set it was simply breathtaking. One day, Jeffie decided to travel up the Lambblood River to explore worlds outside of his own.He packed a few essentials such as butter, a spoon, salt for his armour, and some Lil' Debbie snack cakes. He loaded crates of these essentials up on his magical boat of plaid and set off up the Lambblood River to seek out adventure. As a side-note, I'd like to point out that the Lambblood River was really a bad name for the river. It was actually just salt water with red food coloring in it. You see, the torso-elves upstream were afraid of visitors, so they put red food coloring in their water to try and keep people from traveling upstream. But this didn't stop Jeffie Teppinek, he was too courageous to let the false concept of slaughtered animals' juices of life seeping from an unknown source by gallons and gallons every minute stop him from finding adventure. As Jeffie traveled upstream in his magical boat of plaid, he came across the torso-elf lands. It is here that he jumpped off his boat of plaid and onto the shore. A few torso-elves who were picking some hamster flowers saw him and his magical boat of plaid, and were very very frightened and wobbled away with great speed and terror. As they speeded off they dropped their hampster flowers from their mouths as they screamed for help and dissapeared off in the distance. Having legs to run with, Jeffie Teppinek chased after the limbless mutant elves and caught up with them just as they entered the torso-elf village.

It was then that Jeffie Teppinek knew his adventure had only just begun.

What's to happen next to our young Jeffie Teppinek? Find out in the next part of the tale... next time... when the next part is posted.

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