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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

    -0/6-/2006 29: 0  
  NEW Futurama Episodes in 2008  

  It has been confirmed that Futurama will be returning in 2008 with 13 new episodes! All the original voice acting talent has signed contracts to be back on. Read more about it here  

  - Shamba  

    -0/8-/2004 20: 0  
  AO v2.0  

  Time permitting, Animation Omaha will soon be changing face. New look, new direction. Some of the old features will still be in place, but a more focused goal of attracting local animators and artists for submission and display of their work. Over the next several months I'll be starting classes back up, while doing my best to get some coding done on the site and contact a list of possible affiliates for a sharing of information and the sort. Stay tuned for more updates.  

  - Shamba  

    -0/6-/2004 15: 1  
  Feature Facelifts  

  Along with my other Summer projects I'm currently working on, I'm putting together some ideas for the site to make it a more useful and entertaining site to visit. Some of the areas of the site I'm planning on taking down and replacing with other features. I'll keep posting to let you know what's in store and when to expect it. So far just the reviews section has been taken down. It'll be brought back up if there's a need for it in the future. In the mean time, keep posting in the message boards and send me feedback.  

  - Shamba  

    -0/5-/2004 08: 2  
  Reviews and more...  

  I've posted a few reviews, hopefully encouraging others to do the same. I'll post some more when I get a chance. It'll be awhile before new content in the form of new features show up, but I promise they will happen as soon as I have a chance to get to them. In other news, Cartoon Network's [adult swim] has started a college rep marketing campaign. If you'd like more information head to www.adultswimcollegerep.com and if you happen to go to UNO or UNL and would like Animation Omaha's assistance I'm more than willing to offer my help. Email webmaster@AnimationOmaha.com and mention [adult swim] College Rep in the subject line.  

  - Shamba  

    -0/4-/2004 23: 1  
  Updates (Hopefully) Within Next Couple Months  

  The end of the school semester is quickly approaching, meaning (hopefully) I'll be given a few moments to spend updating the site. I'll be fixing some layout issues and adding a couple new features, so be on the lookout.
I've considered adding a feature to the message boards to send out an email notification option for users so they know if a message of theirs has been replied to. I'd only set it up as an option, so those not interested in receiving email notifications would (by default) not receive them. If you guys think you'd like this feature added let me know and I'll be sure to include it in the updates.

  - Shamba  

  Animation Omaha, 2004  
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