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     -0/1-/2008 05: 1

RE:Excess of Activity

I have noticed in the past few months there’s been a few new user memberships, which has made me feel some guilt for not contributing much of anything to the site over the years. In a perfect world I’d like to finally get around to redoing the look of the site as a whole and adding some of the features I had originally conceived; however, time and ambition have been lacking to say the least and I can’t imagine that changing soon. The original plan of using the site as a springboard to provide social networking tools to local animators and artist, as well as to organize a local Anime/Cartoon/Comic convention has fallen waaaaaaay short. At this point I’m open to suggestion, but unless there’s a major change I will most likely just be adding content to the Teppinek saga for the mean time.
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